Facebook Is Making Insane AI-Generated Fever Dreams Go Viral for Gullible Boomers

Facebook is quickly being overrun by dubious, AI-generated junk — which is somehow attracting huge amounts of attention from its aging user base. Worse yet, according to a new analysis by Stanford and Georgetown University researchers, first spotted by 404 Media, scammers and spammers are using this lowbrow content to grow their audiences on Facebook. Even with the proliferation of AI image generators, the novelty has clearly yet to wear off for users on the largest social media network, a veritable social media dinosaur. And scammers are abusing that persistent interest, in addition to support from Facebook’s unwitting algorithms, to drive people to other websites filled with ads, sell products, and build bigger followings, according to the researchers. It’s only the latest sign that the internet is struggling to ward off a tidal wave of AI-generated garbage, further eroding the quality of content we’re exposed to on a daily basis. Last week, screenshots of a Facebook post drawing in hundreds of likes and comments with pictures of a “shrimp Jesus” went viral on X-formerly-Twitter. WHAT IS HAPPENING ON FACEBOOK pic.twitter.com/6XzTV5eBd3 — Jorge Murillo (@TheHornetsFury) March 13, 2024 “WHAT IS HAPPENING ON FACEBOOK,” one concerned user wrote. Another screenshot shows a Facebook account sharing an image of what is purportedly a 112-year-old woman who made her own birthday cake. As expected, the AI failed to spell the words “happy birthday” correctly, and couldn’t even get the number-shaped candles right. “Lots of normal things happening there,” another X user tweeted. Lots of normal…Facebook Is Making Insane AI-Generated Fever Dreams Go Viral for Gullible Boomers

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