Facebook owes you some settlement cash – here’s how to get it

 Finally, Facebook will pay you for the data it mishandled. If you’ve had an account since May 24, 2007, up until December 22, 2022, then you’re in luck. You can now claim your share of the whopping $725-million Cambridge Analytica privacy-class action settlement. But you’ll need to do this sooner than later, as the deadline to submit your claim is August 25. So, how much settlement money are we talking about? That depends on the number of claims submitted. Once a judge gives their nod of approval on September 7, the settlement will start making its way to claimants—though possible appeals could throw a wrench in the payments’ speed. Don’t worry if your Facebook days are over; even inactive users can join the party. Grab your name, address, the email you used, and the account’s last active date, and you’re golden. How do you get paid? Image: KnowTechie There’s a variety of payment options: prepaid Mastercards, direct deposits, or digital payment options like PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. Can’t decide? Check the FAQ section on the settlement site. Alternatively, you can opt out (if you’re feeling lucky) and preserve your rights for future lawsuits related to the Cambridge Analytica mess. How to file your Facebook settlement claim Ready to get your share of Facebook’s coin? Head to the claim website, fill out the online form, or go old school and mail in your claim. Image: KnowTechie If you decide to mail it in, download the form here and send the completed…Facebook owes you some settlement cash – here’s how to get it

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