First Google Pixel Fold 2 leak outlines multiple changes

The latest design leak has revealed Google’s second-generation foldable, the Pixel Fold 2, and it looks quite different from the first generation. Google launched its first foldable smartphone, the Google Pixel Fold, last year, which resulted in tremendous positive appreciation. The company finally proved it is willing to do everything to make Android work better on foldable smartphones.  Most importantly, Google’s decision not to copy Samsung and use a wider form factor was highly praised as it made the cover screen more useful.  So, even last year, after the launch, it seemed a second generation was inevitable. However, the biggest question was whether Google was going to keep the same form factor or come up with something different.  The latest leaked image of Google Pixel Fold 2, courtesy of Android Authority, answers that burning question, and it seems multiple design changes are coming. Google Pixel Fold 2 leaked design Image: Android Authority The Pixel Fold 2 image leaked by Android Authority is not the highest quality. However, after the first glance at the leaked image, it was clear that Google’s second-generation foldable has a narrower cover screen than its predecessor.  Even the outlet’s source confirmed that the cover screen is narrower. However, most importantly, the internal screen’s aspect ratio is almost like a square.  Hence, Google’s upcoming folding phone will be closer to the OnePlus Open in terms of the form factor. Is Google bidding goodbye to the camera visor? Image: Google However, the changed form factor isn’t the only…First Google Pixel Fold 2 leak outlines multiple changes

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