Focus On Value Not Busy Work

Stop with the busy work, and focus on the value drivers. When business or life are not going well, people often look for anything to do. Doing something may make you feel better, but doing the wrong thing won’t help you, and it can even cause harm. Over the last two years, many people have felt pressure to do something. Governments made decisions, some helpful and some counter-productive because doing nothing felt untenable.  I’ve talked to no shortage of businesses in panic mode. Restaurant owners who delayed retirement, trying not to lay off employees as indoor dining shut down. Medical facilities providing services deemed “elective” by state or city governments trying to stay afloat. That list goes on, but having a lot of conversations with people who just needed to do something gave me this insight. Something isn’t always better than nothing. Stop, take a breath, and think. Struggling business owners asked me about SEO many times during the pandemic panic. And every time, I would explain that search engines help people find things they are looking for already. If the problem is awareness because people are not searching for something, no amount of SEO or Google Business Profile optimization can drive results.  Questions about SEO came mostly from people who expected it to be less expensive than other marketing channels. And while you can dip your toe into SEO for a lower cost than, say, running television ads, it’s likely no business results will be driven from that testing…Focus On Value Not Busy Work

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