Former OpenAI Exec Predicts AI Could Be Last Thing Humans Ever Invent

Preacher Man One of OpenAI’s earliest acolytes seems to think artificial intelligence is a gift from on high — and it sounds, depending on your point of view, either optimistic or disturbing. In an interview with Business Insider, former OpenAI executive Zack Kass went off about all the ways he thinks AI will save the world. He’s such a believer in that idea that he left OpenAI to “support the AI revolution” last fall, becoming something of a self-appointed PR agent for the algorithms. “Where I landed was being the voice of the counter-narrative — that AI isn’t doom and gloom, that the future isn’t dystopian and post-apocalyptic, but that it is bright and full of more joy and less suffering,” Kass said. “So now basically my purpose and mission is to promote a really exciting bright future.” As the first employee of OpenAI’s Go-to-Market division, and later as its leader before leaving, Kass admitted that in the short-term, the technology he’s been instrumental in building will generate a “whole lot of first-world implications that are really uncomfortable for people, but actually net good.” Of those implications, the self-described “AI futurist” believes that people in developed countries will “end up working a lot less.” And in poorer countries, he thinks that “every child [will have] an AI-powered teacher,” though if the AI has already cut into the developed-world jobs, it’s not entirely clear what they might do with those advanced educations. Game Changer Kass said that there’s a consensus among AI industry…Former OpenAI Exec Predicts AI Could Be Last Thing Humans Ever Invent

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