Fortnite and Epic Games Store to return to iOS in Europe

In a surprising turn of events, Fortnite is set to return to iOS after a four-year absence. Following Apple’s announcement that it will allow apps to be “sideloaded” to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA), Epic Games plans to bring the game back to iOS, initially launching in the EU. The DMA is a set of pro-competition rules designed to regulate technology companies. To comply with the DMA, Apple must now permit apps to be installed from sources beyond its App Store. What is the DMA? The DMA stands for the Digital Markets Act. It is a legislative proposal by the European Commission that aims to regulate technology companies, particularly those with significant market power in the digital sector. The purpose of the DMA is to ensure fair competition, protect consumers, and promote innovation in the digital market. Its provisions include measures related to platform transparency, data access, and prohibition of certain unfair practices. The DMA is currently in the legislative process and will need to be approved by the European Parliament and Council before becoming law. Apple has long resisted sideloading, arguing that it would breach the platform’s security standards. Image: Twitter While Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney criticized Apple’s approach, referring to it as “hot garbage” due to new Apple taxes, the return of Fortnite to iOS signals a new era for digital marketplace gaming. The game has evolved from being a third-person shooter game to a full-fledged portal for digital games, offering thousands of user-generated games…Fortnite and Epic Games Store to return to iOS in Europe

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