FTX Founder Suffers Personal Nightmare as Courts Cut Him Off From League of Legends

Extra Grounded Disgraced cryptocurrency exchange CEO Sam Bankman-Fried just moved into a new circle of personal house-arrest hell. Until now, the former head of FTX has enjoyed a relatively cozy at-home arrest at his parent’s $3.5 million-plus Palo Alto home, spending his days playing with his new guard dog, writing long-winded Substack posts about how FTX was actually still solvent at the time of his arrest, and so on. Most importantly, he’s been able to play the popular video game League of Legends, his passion for which is, for lack of a better word, legendary. The former CEO has taken to Twitter a number of times to discuss his obsession with the cult-status game, and, according to lore, once played the game throughout the duration of a massively important pitch meeting with the investment firm Sequoia. But sadly, it appears that his League of Legends days are officially over. On Monday, prosecutors in the case against the former crypto wunderkind issued stricter bail requirements, which, among a number of other restrictions, bar the accused fraudster from playing any videogames that, like League of Legends, “permit chat or voice communication.” Brutal. Flip Phone The new court-issued guidelines also restrict the founder to the use of a single, court-issued laptop, on which Bankman-Fried is only allowed to browse “pre-approved” websites, a list that includes all “.gov” sites as well as YouTube, Wikipedia, and several blockchain-trackers. Most major news sites are also still on the table, as are food delivery services — a…FTX Founder Suffers Personal Nightmare as Courts Cut Him Off From League of Legends

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