Galaxy Unpacked: Give Samsung your name and email for $50 credit

Samsung’s 2024 Unpacked event is on the horizon, and they’re serving up a spicy reservation offer for the Galaxy S24: Hand them over some info, and you’ll get $50 in Samsung credit. Now, before you roll your eyes and think it’s just another flashy promo to lock you down – chill. Samsung’s serving up a no-strings-attached deal that’s as commitment-free as that gym membership you never use. Toss them your name and email, and boom, you’re in. That’s it. And before you ask – no, it’s not for the S24 phone itself, but hey, it’s fifty bucks to splurge on other eligible Samsung products. How to get your $50 from Samsung Image: KnowTechie It’s easy: just click on this link or any of the buttons in those fancy product boxes, and then enter your name, email, and phone number (optional). That’s it! Just be sure to do this before 1 PM on January 17. When pre-order time rolls around, you’ve got yourself a nifty $50 credit for any extra Samsung swag. We’re talking cases, chargers, maybe even those Galaxy Buds you’ve been eyeing. Just remember, this golden ticket only works on Samsung’s own turf – Ends January 16 Reserve the new Galaxy and get up to $50 Samsung Credit Samsung’s reservation offer is as straightforward as it gets. Give them your name and email, and voila, you’re eligible for a $50 credit. That’s it! Reserve Now Bonus time Come January 17th, when you pre-order your shiny new S24, Samsung’s…Galaxy Unpacked: Give Samsung your name and email for $50 credit

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