Galaxy Z Fold 5 vs OnePlus Open: Competition is good

Foldables are an interesting entity in the world of phones. From the outside, they resemble your traditionally designed smartphone, complete with your standard-sized display and rear camera setup. Sure, they are a bit thicker than a typical smartphone, but the versatility they offer is unparalleled. Unfolding the phone reveals a tablet-sized inner display that will surely make any tech enthusiast’s eyes well up with joy. The size and design aren’t for everyone, but as the technology matures, this is likely the future of smartphones. It might also be the future of laptops, as big names like HP have recently released single-screen foldable devices. Samsung was the first manufacturer to release a foldable device and has been steadily improving its designs ever since. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is the latest Z Fold device and it’s a technical marvel. OnePlus recently entered the foldable market with the OnePlus Open, and on its first try, built an impressive device. Let’s find out which device truly reigns supreme. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 vs OnePlus Open: Price, availability, and specs The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 has been available to purchase since August 11, 2023, and comes with a starting price of $1800 for the 256GB model. The 512GB version retails for $1920 and the 1TB comes in a whopping $2160. At first glance, the price seems extremely high, and it is, but at least there is a ton of technology packed into it. It comes in blue, grey, phantom black, cream,…Galaxy Z Fold 5 vs OnePlus Open: Competition is good

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