GAN-tastic gambling reviews

unfortunately, this team of gambling experts is not realIf you’re looking for top-notch content and reviews from experts and authors with decades of experience in the gambling industry, the website Casino Today ( would appear to have you covered. A closer look reveals some issues, however, as all five alleged members of the Casino Today team have StyleGAN-generated faces. Their articles generally contain rephrased versions of content available elsewhere on the internet, and often feature bizarre wording. Additionally, internet searches reveal no evidence that any of the accomplishments or biographical details listed in the Casino Today contributors’ biographies are real. StyleGAN-generated faces such as those used to represent Casino Today’s team members can be quite convincing at first glance, but they contain a variety of indicators of their artificial origin. One of the most obvious of these is extremely consistent positioning of facial features, especially the eyes, which are always anchored 3/4 of the distance from the edge of the image to the center horizontally, and 15/16 of the distance from the top to the center vertically. Although this particular fingerprint can be obfuscated by cropping, rotating, or zooming the image, other tells such as surreal clothing or hats, mismatched earrings, asymmetrical eyeglasses, physics-defying hair, and nonsensical backgrounds remain, and this particular type of synthetic face image can be easily identified by humans with a bit of practice.Casino Today’s articles are neither particularly well-written nor particularly originalCasino Today’s articles are mostly reviews of various gambling products, both online gambling sites…GAN-tastic gambling reviews

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