GAN-tastic politics enthusiasts

we are real politics enthusiasts, please ignore the artificially generated facesIn the final weeks of 2023, a group of accounts on X (formerly Twitter) with StyleGAN-generated faces began spamming a variety of users with replies containing the phrases “politics enthusiast” and “political enthusiast”. The interests and political stances of the self-described politics enthusiasts vary from account to account and from post to post, making it difficult to discern the overall mission of this network at the present time. Nonetheless, there are sufficient similarities in the accounts’ behavior, content, and profiles to map out the network, or at least a portion of it.none of these people exist, but they may have replied to your posts anywaySearching X for recent replies containing the word “enthusiast” and either “politics” or “political”, and then filtering to accounts which use GAN-generated faces as avatars yielded 575 accounts created between May and December 2023. Some but not all of the GAN-generated faces used by these accounts contain a tiny “StyleGAN 2 (Karras et al.)” watermark in the bottom right corner. Many of the accounts have handles containing unusually long strings of vowels, such as @Maairiuieinaaa, @eJooeiaAoneueer, @Tieoanoue, @MWasuuunaoto, @CuuoceuiaeMuuna, and @NieoaaaioWeaauv. None of these accounts have posted more than a handful of times, and almost all of their posts are either replies or reposts. (There also exist accounts with similar content and naming patterns that do not have GAN-generated profile images; although these may well be part of the same network, they are excluded from this…GAN-tastic politics enthusiasts

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