GAN-tastic satisfied customers

At first glance,, a website which allegedly offers discounts on a variety of software products, appears to have a lot of satisfied customers. The site is full of brief five-star reviews, featuring glowing (albeit awkwardly worded) praise such as “I couldn’t have asked for more than this fearsome offering sales. Keep up the excellent work!” and “Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with the awful promo sales. Thanks for the great service!”. These reviews (and the customers who allegedly wrote them) are not what they seem, however.(Site is not hyperlinked as it is potentially malicious.)to be fair, everyone loves the fearsome offering salesAs of October 21st, 2022, the website contained 96,382 reviews from 2,037 alleged customers, with accompanying images that allegedly depict the customers’ faces. The reviews are not unique, however — each is repeated an average of 5.4 times, for a total of 17,652 distinct reviews. The reviews appear to be assembled from smaller fragments that get used over and over, such as “We were treated like royalty!”, “We have no regrets!”, “I will recommend you to my colleagues”, “awful offering sales”, “amazing offering sales”, and so on. Needless to say, these “reviews” are far more likely to be the output of a piece of computer software such as a Markov text generator than genuine reviews from actual customers.Markoff Cheney has been very busyWhat about those 2,037 customers, and their accompanying face images? As it turns out, the reviewers are no more real than the reviews:…GAN-tastic satisfied customers

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