George Carlin's Daughter Horrified by AI-Generated "Comedy Special" of Her Dead Dad

An AI comedy duo has allegedly used George Carlin’s voice without permission from his family or estate — and his living progeny is not at all pleased. The “comedy special,” titled “George Carlin: I’m Glad I’m Dead,” was posted to YouTube and on other platforms by an AI comedy troupe that calls itself Dudesy. Founded by Will Sasso of “Mad TV” and podcaster Chad Kultgen, the “dudes” in question have an active Discord, a Patreon, and some branded alcoholic beverages to their name — but did not, according to Carlin’s adult daughter Kelly, get consent from the iconic comedian’s relatives to create their hour-long imitation. “We were not contacted by the company that has generated this AI product,” the late comedian’s daughter told Futurism in an email. “I believe they should take his name off of the product because it was not created or generated by him. The performer and author of this content is Dudesy, not George Carlin.” To be fair, Dudesy did include a disclaimer at the start of the video that the content was an “impersonation” of the potty-mouthed comedian akin to renditions by “human impressionist[s].” “I listened to all of George Carlin’s material and did my best to imitate his voice, cadence, and attitude as well as the subject matter I think would have interested him today,” a seemingly AI-generated voice at the beginning of the video says. “So think of it like Andy Kaufman impersonating Elvis or like Will Ferrell impersonating George W. Bush.” While human…George Carlin's Daughter Horrified by AI-Generated "Comedy Special" of Her Dead Dad

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