Get a month of Hulu’s ad-free streaming for free

If you’ve been sulking about paying for ad-free streaming, well, guess what? Hulu has heard your cries and sent the streaming Gods to answer your prayers. In what could only be described as the streaming deal of the century, Hulu is giving away its no-ad streaming service. And the price tag? Absolutely FREE. Yup. No typos here, folks. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. The deal is as real as that leftover pizza in your fridge that you have no plans to eat. Watch TV shows and movies instantly. Try Hulu for free. Buckle up, people, because this ride will be ad-free, and it won’t stop for an entire month. Let there be shows, movies, zero ads, and, most importantly, let it be FREE. Check Availability A month of unadulterated, uninterrupted ‘Hulu and Chill’ action awaits. Binge-watch until your heart’s content or until your eyes start begging for mercy – because with this line-up and no ads, there’s not much else your heart could desire. New users, returning users, it doesn’t matter – as long as you sign up for their ridiculously generous ‘Try up to One Month Free’ offer. But hold on! There’s a reason they call these deals limited-time offers. So get a wriggle on before Hulk; I mean, Hulu pulls the plug. Stop counting pennies, put on your binge hat, and go to ad-free Hulu, a deal-seeker’s heaven. All you’ve got to do is click, sign up, and voila, let the streaming bonanza begin. So remember the old binge-watchers code: when it’s…Get a month of Hulu’s ad-free streaming for free

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