GET WOKE UP by these nonexistent authors

“EXPOSING WOKE MADNESS” with faces generated by StyleGANNews websites with authors with AI-generated faces are all the rage these days, and “anti-woke” satirical news website is just one of many examples. This website has at least seven alleged authors whose official portraits are StyleGAN-generated faces (a few others use graphics or stock photos). The GAN-generated authors go by the names “Toby P. Gelman”, “Rafe S. Klinger”, “Doreen Trudeau”, “AD Washbro”, “Casey Riley”, “Eliza Fisher”, and “Johnny Jock”, and all of them with the exception of Eliza Fisher have at least a minimal biography. Much of the site’s content is focused on gender issues, and anti-LGBTQ narratives are a recurring theme of the site’s content.inputting a GAN-generated face into the “anonymize” function will sometimes reveal that the face originated on generated.photosThe GAN-generated faces used to represent authors appear to be cropped versions of images from with the watermarks removed. Five of the seven authors (“Toby P. Gelman”, “Rafe S. Klinger”, “Casey Riley”, “Eliza Fisher”, and “Johnny Jock”) can be easily located in the site’s collection of synthetically-generated faces, and the neutral backgrounds of the other two faces suggest that they originated there as well. Several of the images contain obvious artifacts such as nonsensical clothing and hats, unusually shaped or mismatched ears, and anomalies where the hair meets the background or clothing.advice columnists “Karen” and “Kevin” are also GAN-generated occasionally features a satirical advice column titled “Karen & Kevin”. As with the authors of the site’s…GET WOKE UP by these nonexistent authors

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