Google Admits Gemini AI Demo Was at Least Partially Faked

Google has a lot to prove with its AI efforts — but it can’t seem to stop tripping over its own feet. Earlier this week, the tech giant announced Gemini, its most capable AI model to date, to much fanfare. In one of a series of videos, Google showed off the mid-level range of the model dubbed Gemini Pro by demonstrating how it could recognize a series of illustrations of a duck, describing the changes a drawing went through at a conversational pace. But there’s one big problem, as Bloomberg columnist Parmy Olson points out: Google appears to have faked the whole thing. In its own description of the video, Google admitted that “for the purposes of this demo, latency has been reduced, and Gemini outputs have been shortened for brevity.” The video footage itself is also appended with the phrase “sequences shortened throughout.” In other words, Google misrepresented the speed at which Gemini Pro can recognize a series of images, indicating that we still don’t know what the model is actually capable of. In the video, Gemini wowed observers by using its multimodal thinking chops to recognize illustrations at what appears to be a drop of a hat. The video, as Olson suggests, also offered us “glimmers of the reasoning abilities that Google’s DeepMind AI lab have cultivated over the years.” That’s indeed impressive, considering any form of reasoning has quickly become the next holy grail in the AI industry, causing intense interest in models like OpenAI’s rumored Q*….Google Admits Gemini AI Demo Was at Least Partially Faked

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