Google CEO pretty much confirms Chatbot integration with search

The innovation well has run dry, and Google is back to its old habit of riding on the coattails of others. Following Microsoft’s wildly popular OpenAI chatbot, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that the search engine would soon feature a ChatGPT-like integration. “Will people be able to ask questions to Google and engage with LLMs in the context of search? Absolutely,” Mr. Pichai tells the WSJ. But Google isn’t content to keep up with the competition – they want to dominate. Image: KnowTechie As part of their push to become a major player in the generative AI arms race, Google is seeking out ways to integrate the technology into a wide range of its products and offerings. Microsoft has already found success in this arena, with its Bing search engine receiving rave reviews for integrating the actual chatbot technology. And to be fair, it also receives its fair share of criticism too. But Google isn’t just copying Microsoft’s playbook – they’re also planning to implement conversational capabilities and image generation with their own generative AI, Bard. Image: KnowTechie Google has not received the same positive feedback as Microsoft regarding its offering. However, they are hoping that their dominance as a search engine will give them an advantage Of course, not everyone is convinced that tinkering with a wildly successful search engine is a good idea. With Google’s search engine generating more than half of Alphabet Inc.’s total revenue, there are concerns that any misstep could be disastrous. Image: Pexels But…Google CEO pretty much confirms Chatbot integration with search

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