Google engineers hack PlayStation Portal to run emulated PSP games

Sony’s PlayStation Portable was ahead of its time, but we still haven’t gotten a modern rendition. Now, with the Nintendo Switch ruling the market, all we have is Sony’s cloud game streaming device, the PlayStation Portal. While the PlayStation Portal reviews were less than glowing, it may finally have more value as a portable gaming console now. Google engineers have managed to get a PSP emulator running on the PlayStation Portal. In a tweet posted by Andy Nguyen, who works in Cloud Vulnerability Research at Google, we can see Grand Theft Auto running on the device through PPSSPP, a popular PSP emulator. After more than a month of hard work, PPSSPP is running natively on PlayStation Portal. Yes, we hacked it. With help from xyz and @ZetaTwo— Andy Nguyen (@theflow0) February 19, 2024 Video demonstration of PSP games running on PlayStation Portal coming soon Nguyen had help from other Google engineers, including security engineer Calle Svensson. Nguyen’s Twitter feed has a loose timeline of the progress. It appears the exploit is fully software-based, with no modifications made to the hardware of the device. Sony seems to have had made it difficult to install APKs on the device, but Nyugen and others figured out a way. Image: Sony Ngyuen has not released the method but has promised to post some videos demonstrating it. If we have a working method to run PSP games on the PlayStation Portal, it will become a worthwhile successor to the PSP. Of course, we expect…Google engineers hack PlayStation Portal to run emulated PSP games

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