Google is bringing Circle to Search to Pixel 8 users very soon

Google is bringing Circle to Search to it’s latest Pixel phones. Following demonstration on the new Samsung Galaxy S24 at launch, this new feature will come to Google’s own Pixel 8 phones series from January 31st. The feature will allow users to select what they’re interested in by circling, highlighting, scribbling, or tapping, making searching on the go more intuitive and less disruptive. This seems to be another step in Google and Samsung’s collaboration on Android features. According to Google, Circle to Search offers users the opportunity to quickly identify items in a photo or video. For instance, while browsing social media, users can circle a picture of Taylor Swift’s most recent outfit at the Chiefs’ game and see where she got her jacket from (or where to get a similar one). The AI-powered multisearch algorithm does this by sourcing information from across the web, pulling together helpful hints and insights to the user’s demand. Circle to Search is super easy to use To activate Circle to Search, Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro users can long-press the home button or navigation bar on their Android device to activate Circle to Search. The Samsung Galaxy S24 series will follow a similar method. Once activated, users can circle, tap, or scribble to find anything they’re curious about, just like that. With Circle to Search on board, users will be able to uncover the answers to even their most random queries in a playful, intuitive way. Circle to Search will be a…Google is bringing Circle to Search to Pixel 8 users very soon

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