Google just made it easier to customize your Chrome browser

Google Chrome has long been a favorite browser among many users. Its smooth performance and clean white interface seemed to tick all the boxes, but some might have found it slightly dull. Well, that won’t be an issue any longer. That’s right; Google is giving users new ways to customize Chrome on desktop. Here’s how it works. In the current version of Google Chrome, a small bubble labeled “Customize Chrome” appears in the bottom right corner every time you open a new tab. The Customize Chrome bubble is not new. It has been there for years and allows users to customize Chrome to their liking. But now, clicking the bubble reveals a new sidebar appears with new color schemes and customization options. In addition to that, you’ll also see the option to update Chrome’s themes. It is far better and snappier than the previous option. In terms of choices, Google gives you 14 different color schemes with the option to choose your own hues as well. Regarding themes, there are 12 different categories to choose from and you even have the option to upload your own. Additionally, the Chrome Web Store offers more choices. A few other elements also appear on the new tab, such as shortcuts and cards that appear under the search bar. However, you can switch them off completely if you don’t like to see them. Will people use Chrome’s new customizer? Who knows, but giving users the option is far better than the alternative. To learn…Google just made it easier to customize your Chrome browser

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