Google Reportedly Replacing Some Human Staff With AI

The steady march towards AI job automation continues — even at companies pioneering the tech. According to a new report by The Information, search giant Google is looking to reassign or let go of sales workers whose jobs were automated by the company’s new AI tools. While it’s unclear how many humans will end up being affected, it’s a clear sign of the times. Earlier this year, Google ushered in a “new era of AI-powered ads.” As part of the initiative, Google is trying to leverage AI tech to “deliver new ad experiences,” including “automatically created assets” that scrape content from existing ads and landing pages. Some of these ads created by the company’s Performance Max feature can even change in real-time based on click-through rates to maximize visibility, a task that’s labor-intensive for human workers. According to the Information, a “growing number of advertisers have adopted PMax since,” which has eliminated the “need for some employees who specialized in selling ads for a particular Google service.” Per the report, almost half of the company’s 30,000-employee ad division was once dedicated to this kind of work. It’s a notable shift for Google’s business, as advertising makes up a huge chunk of the company’s revenue. By replacing human workers, the company is presumably aiming to increase profit margins by cutting costs. But at what cost? We’ve already seen several industries being affected by AI-driven job automation. Earlier this year, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna told Bloomberg that the company is slowing or suspending…Google Reportedly Replacing Some Human Staff With AI

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