Google, Samsung partner to merge Nearby Share into Quick Share

Google’s Nearby Share is getting a new name, courtesy of the company’s tie-up with Samsung to merge it into the company’s Quick Share.  Most Android users should be familiar with Nearby Share. Google introduced it back in 2020 as its answer to Apple’s AirDrop.  The feature enabled users to share images, videos, files, links, and Wi-Fi passwords between Android, Chromebooks, and Windows devices.  While a few prior leaks were indicating Google/Samsung collaboration, it is now official. Nearby Share will now be called Quick Share. What are the differences between Nearby Share and Quick Share?  Samsung owners are very much aware of Quick Share. It is the Korean company’s proprietary tool for transferring files.  It is also very similar to Google’s Nearby Share, as both employ Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi Direct to find devices close by and transfer files. However, unlike Nearby Share, Samsung’s file transfer technology only works for Galaxy users. While there is a workaround, it requires a few extra steps.  Another big difference comes in the form of the number of devices. Quick Share allows users to share files with up to five devices simultaneously, but Nearby Share sticks to transferring one device at a time.  The file transfer limits of both solutions also vary. Nearby Share allows 500 files/day of unlimited size, while the latter allows files of up to 1GB for a single transfer and a total of 5GB per day. New Google/Samsung collaboration blurs the limitations Image: Google/Samsung All these limitations should fade away…Google, Samsung partner to merge Nearby Share into Quick Share

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