Google to settle Chrome Incognito Mode lawsuit — will you get paid?

Google has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit that alleged the company impermissibly collected Internet activity data from users of its Google Chrome browser, while in Incognito Mode. The lawsuit was filed back in 2020 by three Internet users — a resident of Florida and two residents of California — who argued that Google continues to collect information from users when they switch into Chrome’s Incognito mode. In support-related materials published by Google, the tech giant claims that Incognito mode allows users to “browse the web privately” in a way that doesn’t allow Chrome to retain certain information, like browsing history and cookies. But the three plaintiffs in the case said certain Google services, like Google Analytics and Google Ad Manager, still transmitted some data directly to Google about the types of websites Chrome users visited and how they interacted with them. This led to the massive lawsuit against Google, which has now been settled outside court. For now, we don’t know all the implications and the possible payout, but that will likely become public come January 2024. $5 billion lawsuit against Google settled outside court The plaintiffs alleged Google violated various federal wiretapping laws by collecting data from users who opted for Incognito mode. They sought at least $5 billion in restitution from Google on behalf of Chrome users. Google tried to have the lawsuit thrown out of court in 2021, but a judge ruled against them after determining the company “did not notify users that Google engages…Google to settle Chrome Incognito Mode lawsuit — will you get paid?

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