Google wants you to pay for its AI-infused search engine

Would you pay real money to use Google’s search engine? Yea, me neither. Nonetheless, the company behind the popular search engine is mulling the idea of charging users for a service that’s not even close to being finished. Let’s not forget that the ad copy for the Google’s AI search contained misinformation. It’s now a year on from that snafu, and AI hasn’t gotten that much better at separating fact and fiction. Google’s new plan is to charge for access to search results that utilize generative AI (AI) tools. This revelation comes from a recent Financial Times report, citing “three people with knowledge of [Google’s] plans.” Google’s decision to charge for such services would be a first for the company, which has historically relied solely on advertising revenue since its inception in 2000. Google’s AI Search could be great, but it’s not ready for prime time Image: KnowTechie The search giant has already started dipping its toes in the paid AI waters, with the “AI Premium” tier of a Google One subscription costing $10 more per month than a standard “Premium” plan. Similarly, “Gemini Business” adds $20 monthly to a standard Google Workspace subscription. These subscriptions add Google’s Gemini Ultra AI assistant to the Google tools you’re already using, to help you write, summarize reports, and many other handy shortcuts. You don’t necessarily need to pay for a subscription to use Google’s Gemini AI model, but free users only get access to the less-performant versions. .stk-2691600{box-shadow:3px 3px 6px 1px #523d54ff…Google wants you to pay for its AI-infused search engine

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