Google wants your Pixel phone to moonlight as a dashcam

Google is reportedly working on a new Pixel phone feature that enables the device to double as a dashcam. This addition, still in development, would allow users to automatically record video footage of their drives while simultaneously using their phones for other tasks. This could be a valuable safety feature, as it could provide evidence in the event of an accident. The feature is expected to release as part of a Personal Safety app update, currently available on Pixel phones and the Nothing Phone (1). The app includes many other features, such as emergency calling and crash detection. When is Google going to announce this new feature? Image: 9to5Google Google has yet to announce a release date for the new dashcam feature. However, it could launch in the coming months. Here are some additional details about the new feature: The service can run up to 24 hours on a device. The service will automatically record video of your drive when you connect your phone to your car’s Bluetooth. The app compresses the video to save space on the device. The video saves to your phone’s storage. It deletes footage after three days unless users choose to delete the video manually. You can view the video in the Personal Safety app. Users can use other apps while the video continues to record. This wouldn’t be the first attempt at turning your phone into a dashcam Dashcam abilities within your smartphone aren’t new. If you search the Play Store or AppStore, users will find apps like Droid DashCam, AutoBoy, Dash…Google wants your Pixel phone to moonlight as a dashcam

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