Google will finally correct your URL typos in Chrome

Google is rolling out a new feature that will autocorrect URL typos in Chrome. Thankfully, this will make browsing easier and stops people from accidentally going to unwanted websites. Google announced this as an upgrade to its accessibility features in many of its products. Dyslexic readers often struggle to type and spell accurately, so the feature is particularly beneficial for them. It’s also important to note that mistyped URLs can lead to dangerous websites. These sites can then target unsuspecting users with malware or scams. What else is Google working on? Additionally, the company highlighted new Chrome additions in a blog post, which we detailed below: Lookout is adding a new feature called Image Question and Answer for a select group from the blind and low-vision communities. Users can use their voices to get additional information about images.  TalkBack users will receive a newly updated Chrome tabs window. This will enable them to use grouped tabs and reordering. Google updated Wear OS to include additional accessibility features. Users can use these new features to customize their watches. Live Caption will now use AI to offer more services. Google is adding this to Android tablets.  Furthermore, the company is expanding Live Caption for calls so users have more ways to communicate back and forth. Lastly, Google added additional languages like German, French, and Italian to Live Caption. Google is updating Maps as well Google Maps is making it easier for people in wheelchairs to access places that accommodate their needs. In addition, Maps…Google will finally correct your URL typos in Chrome

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