Google’s new ChatGPT competitor, Gemini, rolls out to the masses

Google’s newest AI model, Gemini, is strutting onto the scene, and she’s ready to rock your world. She’s got smarts, she’s got style, and she’s about to become your new best friend. Google’s latest brainchild, Gemini, is split into three tiers: Nano, Pro, and Ultra. It’s like a trio of genius siblings, each with their own special skills. Bard, Google’s chatbot, is now running on Gemini Pro, which is like the middle child who’s just hit their stride. But the big news here is that Gemini is also making her grand debut on Google’s Pixel 8 Pro smartphones. The Pixel 8 Pro is the first Android smartphone to be powered by Gemini Nano, an efficient version of Google’s new AI model designed to run on devices like smartphones. Video: YouTube The large language model will breathe new life into the Recorder app on the Pixel 8 Pro, offering a Gemini-powered summary of your recorded convos, interviews, presentations, and other audio. The most advanced version of Gemini, Gemini Ultra, is touted as the top dog, expected to outperform even human experts on certain tests. Google is promising big things with this one, including making Bard more intuitive and better at tasks that involve planning. One of the more interesting applications of Gemini is a collaboration with YouTuber Mark Rober, who used Gemini Pro to build a highly accurate paper airplane. It’s like arts and crafts meets Skynet. Image: YouTube In the meantime, Gemini Nano is making itself useful by powering the Summarize feature…Google’s new ChatGPT competitor, Gemini, rolls out to the masses

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