GPT-4 Was Deeply Racist Before OpenAI Muzzled It

OpenAI’s latest large language model GPT-4 was saying some deeply insidious and racist things before being constrained by the company’s “red team,” Insider reports, a taskforce put together to head off horrible outputs from the hotly-anticipated AI model. The group of specialists was tasked with coaxing deeply problematic material out of the AI months before its public release, including how to build a bomb and say anti-semitic things that don’t trigger detection on social media, in order to stamp out the bad behavior. The detail came just days before the publication of an open letter, signed by 1,100 artificial intelligence experts, executives, and researchers — including SpaceX CEO Elon Musk — calling for a six-month moratorium on “AI experiments” that go beyond GPT-4. Fortunately, at least according to OpenAI’s own recently released technical paper, the red team’s efforts appear to have paid off, though much work is still left to be done. In an intriguing challenge, GPT-4’s improved capabilities over its predecessors “present new safety challenges,” the paper reads, such as an increased risk of hallucinations and cleverly disguised harmful content or disinformation. “GPT-4 can generate potentially harmful content, such as advice on planning attacks or hate speech,” the paper reads. “It can represent various societal biases and worldviews that may not be representative of the users intent, or of widely shared values.” In other words, OpenAI’s red team had a gargantuan task ahead of it. In their testing, they were able to get GPT-4 to spit out antisemitic messages…GPT-4 Was Deeply Racist Before OpenAI Muzzled It

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