Grimes Is Working On Her Own AI That's Also Named Grok, Just Like Elon's AI

In a bizarre twist we absolutely didn’t see coming, Claire “Grimes” Boucher is teaming up with Silicon Valley toy startup Curio to bring an OpenAI-powered line of toys to market, the Washington Post reports. Its name? Grok. Which is absolutely bizarre, considering Boucher’s ex and father of three of her children, Elon Musk, also recently released an AI chatbot of the same name. The couple aren’t exactly on good terms these days, as they’re locked in a nasty custody battle over their three children X, with Musk seemingly trying to wriggle out of paying California child support payments, which are much steeper than the ones mandated in Texas. And Boucher is coming to the battle with some ammunition: Curio owns the trademark to the name “Grok.” The name Grok was supposedly short for “Grocket,” referring to Grimes’ children’s obsession with rockets (likely, to further the messy entanglement of it all, the result of their dad’s space venture SpaceX.) That’s a departure from the scifi origins of the name, which first appeared in Robert Heinlein’s 1961 book “Stranger in a Strange Land.” “The toy was designed for X and the other kids,” Misha Sallee, Curio’s chief executive, told the WaPo, referring to Boucher’s children with Musk, “but X primarily because he’s of age where he can actually talk to the toy and it can talk back more effectively.” As far as the company’s actual offerings are concerned, the line of toys sounds like a bit of a nightmare. Curio promises that its…Grimes Is Working On Her Own AI That's Also Named Grok, Just Like Elon's AI

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