Grindr Working on Chatbot You Can Sext With

AI Boyfriend Queer dating platform Grindr is betting big on generative AI — and even the company’s own employees are preparing for the worst. Following a disastrous two years of being publicly traded on the stock market, Grindr is hoping to move on by focusing on AI chatbots that you can sext, Platformer reports. And no, we’re not talking about coy interactions with a heavily moderated ChatGPT. Grindr wants to have the chatbots “engage in sexually explicit conversations with users,” according to the report. The company partnered with custom chatbot startup Ex-human in December. The plan at the time was to create “AI wingmen,” per Bloomberg, to help users date other living humans. But Grindr is now reportedly looking to take things a lot further. According to Platformer, the company is busy rewriting its terms of service to allow chatbots to be trained on a user’s DMs if they consent, laying the groundwork for “AI boyfriends” that can flirt, sext, and be in a “relationship” with paying users. It’s a big swing, especially considering the potential for abuse and harassment. And perhaps as expected, Grindr has already encountered its experimental chatbots offering racist opinions, per the report. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point. While we’ve seen other companies allow users to create “AI girlfriends,” their efforts have been plagued by problems, from enabling verbal abuse and potentially inspiring gender-based violence to concerning privacy pitfalls. Grindr Stone Then there are the growing frustrations among users of dating apps…Grindr Working on Chatbot You Can Sext With

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