Group Linked to Sam Altman Launches AI to Defeat Joe Biden

A super PAC with deep ties to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman launched an AI chatbot this week in a bid to deny President Joe Biden from winning a second term in office, The Washington Post reports. The group, We Deserve Better, launched the Dean.Bot as an AI stand-in for Dean Phillips, a Minnesota congressman who’s running a quixotic campaign to challenge Biden in the Democratic primary. Phillips has attracted the attention of Altman and other Silicon Valley elites, who say they’re concerned about Biden’s recent low poll numbers and his chances against former President Donald Trump, the likely winner of the Republican primary. But tellingly, the formation of the super PAC to support Phillips occurred in early December, soon after Biden signed a sweeping executive order that seeks to regulate AI tech. Altman and other AI proponents have said in the past that they want regulation and safeguards on AI, but that stance often changes when proposals become reality. For example, Altman earlier threatened that OpenAI would quit operating in Europe if certain AI regulations came to pass, and has also lobbied hard to water down those same regulations. So it’s interesting that a group with deep ties to Altman would launch an AI-powered chatbot to try to unseat Biden, who wants to curb AI technology. One of the founders of the super PAC, Matt Krisiloff, used to be an employee of OpenAI and apparently dated Altman. Strikingly, OpenAI’s ChatGPT once powered the chatbot, but now it relies on open source models,…Group Linked to Sam Altman Launches AI to Defeat Joe Biden

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