Guy Brags About "Stealing" Millions of Pageviews by Rewriting Competitors' Articles Using AI

Whether you like it or not, the internet has entered its AI-generated content era. With the advent of powerful AI text generators like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the process of optimizing content to be found on Google, known as search engine optimization (SEO), has been turned upside down. That’s in large part due to these tools’ ability to churn out content at much faster rates than human writers — and at a fraction of the cost. Given the biblical flood of bottom-shelf AI-generated content polluting the internet today, it’s clear that everyday internet users are not going to benefit. However, some entrepreneurs are hellbent on making a buck by repurposing existing content, laundering it through an AI algorithm, and passing it off as their own. “We pulled off an SEO heist that stole 3.6 million total traffic from a competitor,” bragged Jake Ward, founder of a UK-based SEO content marketing agency called Content Growth, in a recent X thread. The ruse was as straightforward as it was ethically dubious. By stealing a competitor’s sitemap, a file that tells search engines like Google how a website’s content is organized, Ward turned “their list of URLs into article titles” and generated “1,800 articles from those titles at scale using AI.” Ward’s controversial X thread drew plenty of ire among users. “I can’t believe you are bragging about this,” one user replied. “And you’re proud of this?” another user wrote. “Pumping garbage to get to the top of the trash heap? What about trying to…Guy Brags About "Stealing" Millions of Pageviews by Rewriting Competitors' Articles Using AI

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