Guy Puts Artist Back Into AI System After He Begs to Be Removed

Last fall, the popular fantasy artist Greg Rutkowski — whose name had been included in more text-t0-image AI prompts than the likes of DaVinci and Picasso — teamed up with other artists to ask Stability AI, the company behind the popular open source image-generator Stable Diffusion, to remove his and other artists’ work from their models. “I probably won’t be able to find my work out there because [the internet] will be flooded with AI art,” Rutkowski told the MIT Technology Review last September. “That’s concerning.” By November of last year, Stability AI had responded to Rutkowski’s concerns by, amid a slew of other product changes, “nerfing” users’ ability to generate images in the style of specific artists. Of course, that’s a few steps below removing his work from training materials entirely, but it’s something. Unfortunately for Rutkowski, however, it appears that he’s run into a new problem: open source AI. As Decrypt reports, a version of a smaller model called a LoRA — basically a resource for Stable Diffusion that gives it specific areas of training — has now been made available to specifically churn out AI-generated work inspired by Rutkowski’s work. “Since this artist name was one of the most used in 1.5 prompts and now it’s mostly gone, I thought it was a good idea to train a LoRA,” the maker of the Rutkowski-“inspired” AI wrote in the model’s description, as seen on the AI image generator-sharing CivitAI. “This isn’t perfect but it’s close enough.” “Enjoy!” they added. Considering that…Guy Puts Artist Back Into AI System After He Begs to Be Removed

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