HackerNoon Doesn’t Respect Writers

Today HackerNoon deleted not only my profile, and every article I’ve published on the site; they also deleted every article that referenced me. The reason for the erasure is a dispute about canonicalization for syndicated content. It’s as dumb and disrespectful to writers as it sounds. I syndicated multiple stories to HackerNoon with a correct (according to Google) canonical URL to the original content. HackerNoon removed those canonical URLs without my consent, published the articles, and refused to add them back after multiple requests citing “best practices” that they refuse to clarify. HackerNoon management is upset by my demanding tone. After I noted that hosting the articles without the proper canonicalization stipulated when I syndicated infringed my copyright, they deleted every page of the website mentioning my name, including articles that I did not write. Deleting the content was not sufficient to cure the issue. Many URLs were live for months and actively promoted by me under the belief they were canonicalized. After learning that the articles were not properly canonicalized to the original content, I made multiple requests for correction, as the articles were submitted with canonical URLs that HackerNoon editors manually removed. Via both email, and the now inaccessible portal where contributors could communicate with editors, I have dozens of messages where HackerNoon has acknowledged my request and my expectation upon submitting of industry standard canonicalization but refused to comply despite being both legally and technically in the wrong. At this point, it’s become clear that HackerNoon doesn’t…HackerNoon Doesn’t Respect Writers

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