How Companies Scare Away Job Seekers

Most articles about hiring or getting hired are from the perspective of the business. These articles will either advise job seekers how to apply or will attempt to mentor a crop of inexperienced hiring managers and HR minions on how to screen for the best candidates. This post is from the perspective of job seekers to companies looking to hire amazing candidates, but for one reason or another can’t find them. If you’ve been looking for a while and your candidate just isn’t to be found, you’re seeking a unicorn, or you’re scaring applicants away. For my research, I asked over 50 people who will be seeking jobs in 2017. These are the top reasons why your job posting may be running off the cream of the crop. Buzzword-laden Job Descriptions This is from a real Marketing Manager job description someone shared: “We’re a fast growing and innovative company seeking an energetic, go-getter who loves to rise to a challenge. The ideal applicant will thrive in the fast pace of our company’s collaborative environment. Applicant should have experience managing budgets for conversion marketing of disruptive products.” First, as a rule, don’t say you’re innovative, be innovative. Second, say more about the role and the company. What are the “disruptive products”? Who are the customers of this “fast growing and innovative company”? Also for any job where the hire will manage a budget you should list the budget range. Are you talking 3 million a month in paid media spend or is…How Companies Scare Away Job Seekers

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