How-To Course Market Saturation Index

People often love simple correlation metrics, in part because (aside from post hoc fallacies, like more ice cream means more murder), correlation can be an easy indicator of a broader trend. My favorite correlation metric example is the Hot Waitress Index, so dubbed by Hugo Lindgren in an article for New York Magazine. Lindgren’s point, when the economy is booming (for both genders), being sexy leads to cushy sales and promo modeling jobs. In an economic downturn, those jobs go away. Along with the beautiful people, restaurants, bars, and cafes suffer revenue declines, and that sector of businesses hire the now available models to try and slow that decline with sex appeal. Therefore, the hotter your server, the worse the economy.  Meet The How-To Course Market Saturation Index I have my own metrics like these measuring all kinds of things. So far, I’m most confident in the How-To Course Market Saturation Index; The more people selling courses on a topic, the more saturated the market, and the less likely anyone is to make any money using the lessons from the course. You’ve probably all seen a video ad of someone screaming about how to make money with Facebook ads and drop shipping. I am continually targeted by a half a dozen such people often showing off luxury cars and babbling about building up a substantial business selling products from AliExpress (some even pretend to be super aware and explain why they are not scammers like everyone else). My gut, and…How-To Course Market Saturation Index

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