How to edit WhatsApp message after sending

We usually cannot take back words once they escape our lips. That’s not the case on many chat apps, and you can now edit WhatsApp messages after sending them. Like Telegram and iMessage, you can edit sent messages in WhatsApp, too. You have a grace period to do this; you can edit sent messages on WhatsApp as many times as you want but only within 15 minutes. We’ll walk you through how to edit WhatsApp messages once they are sent. Edit WhatsApp messages after sending on Android WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat apps on Android, especially outside of the US. Here’s how to edit your WhatsApp messages after sending so your typos don’t live forever. Open WhatsApp Open the WhatsApp app on your Android phone. Select a chat Open the chat you want to edit. Select a message Long-press on the message you want to edit until it highlights. Open the settings menu Tap on the three-dot menu at the top right, then tap on Edit. Make the correction Modify the text to correct the mistake, then tap on the tick mark button to confirm. Your message has been updated, and you can see the new message replacing the old one with an ‘Edited’ banner so that the other people in the conversation know it was edited. How to edit WhatsApp messages on iOS Open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Image: KnowTechie Open the convo to whom you sent a typo or a wrong message. Image: KnowTechie Long…How to edit WhatsApp message after sending

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