How to fix a Wyze cam not recording to its microSD card

Wyze cameras record to their microSD card, and can generally be depended on to record any events without issue. Even when recording continuously, they usually have no problems. But, sometimes they can glitch while recording. We’ll walk you through the most common reasons why your Wyze camera isn’t recording, and what you can do to fix it. How to fix a Wyze Cam not recording to its microSD card Whether the issue with recording is because of a damaged microSD card, or one that’s too slow for recording, we’ll get you back on track. Troubleshoot the microSD card Image: KnowTechie The first thing to check is any physical damage, so pop the microSD card out of the camera and look for anything out of the ordinary. If it’s fine, pop it back in and see if the recording works again. Sometimes just reinserting the card can fix things. Wyze also has minimum specifications for recording to work optimally. These include: Formatted to either FAT32 or exFAT. Class 10 certified (Most cards these days are Class 10 or better, but older cards might not be). Wyze cameras can use microSD cards with capacities of 8-256GB if using exFAT, or under 32GB if FAT32. Though not mentioned by Wyze, high-endurance SD cards should be preferred.  If you are using a Wyze-branded microSD card, these already meet all of the requirements. For third-party cards, double-check that they meet the needs. If the microSD card meets requirements and is still not recording, make sure…How to fix a Wyze cam not recording to its microSD card

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