How to fix a Wyze camera making noise

If your Wyze camera is making an odd sound, that could spell trouble for your hardware. The most common unwanted noises are static-like buzzing and repeated clicking, and neither is normal. It’s also possible that you noticed the noise after troubleshooting some other issues, like Wi-Fi connectivity or recordings not saving. Any noise coming from a Wyze camera that isn’t the motor noises from the pan and tilt variants is a bad thing. It points to a serious hardware issue, and your camera could fail at any moment. Here’s what to check before talking to Wyze for a replacement. What to look for when troubleshooting a noisy Wyze camera Before we start, if you only recently bought your Wyze camera and it’s making noise, talk to Wyze support as a first step. Security cameras shouldn’t be making noise other than any motors that might be used to pan or tilt the camera. In all other cases, it’s caused by faulty hardware and the manufacturer should replace it for you. Replace the power adapter Image: KnowTechie It is quite possible for an electronic device to make noise when it’s dealing with an inconsistent power supply. Since the power adapter regulates voltage and current supply to Wyze cameras, it can be the culprit.  For some users, the static noise was followed by Wi-Fi connectivity issues, and replacing the power adapter and cable solved the problem. Tweak night vision settings Image: KnowTechie If the camera is making ticking or clicking noise, this might…How to fix a Wyze camera making noise

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