How to fix Wyze error code 90? 

You’ve been using your Wyze cameras for a while, and your roll-your-own security system has been running smoothly until you see an error code 90 in the app. What could be the cause of this issue? Well, error 90 means you’re not correctly connecting to your cameras over the network. The error can be common for iOS app users while using cellular connectivity. It could also be a local internet issue or something wrong with Wyze’s servers. The company has two instructions for you: check the internet connection or reboot your cameras to see if that fixes things. We will explore a couple more fixes in this guide. Hopefully, you will get it fixed in no time without any professional help.  If your Wyze app is showing error code 90, here’s what to try Check Wi-Fi Connection: Image: KnowTechie Your Wyze cam needs a stable internet connection to connect to the Wyze Servers, the hub where all cams and smartphone apps share data. So, the first thing you should do is check for internet outages in your area. Ensure the camera is connected to a stable network and the internet works. If you are not physically present at the location, check DownDetector for internet outages in the area. Also, if you recently changed your router settings, ensure you haven’t changed the password or disabled the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (or WPA/WPA2 security protocol). Sometimes, a soft reset of the internet modem is all you need to fix Error 90. Power cycling…How to fix Wyze error code 90? 

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