How to fix Wyze failed to update device list errors

If you’ve been using Wyze products for a while, you might have run into the Failed to Update Device List error within the app. This message accompanies Error Codes like -1, -1011, 1001, -1009, -999, or 1000.  To my knowledge, nobody knows the exact meaning of these individual codes. However, the message typically means your Wyze app struggles to sync with the servers.  That’s what I learned through my research. As I scoured the internet, I came across many solutions that worked for the Wyze community and can help in your case. Fix Wyze failed to update device list error Here is a step-by-step guide to troubleshooting these errors. They’re listed in order of the most common issues, so by the time you get to the bottom, your problem should be resolved. Check Wyze service status and internet connectivity Image: KnowTechie The first thing you need to check is the Wyze Service Status page. You can also check the Downdetector site for downtime issues with Wyze Servers. If there is an issue, all you have to do is wait until Wyze fixes it.  Next, you should ensure that both your smartphone and Wyze device have a stable internet connection and that there is no internet outage in your area. Poor internet can disrupt the app’s ability to communicate with Wyze servers. Force close and reopen the app Image: KnowTechie Start by force-stopping the Wyze app from your smartphone’s recent applications list. This usually resolves minor glitches. Update the Wyze app…How to fix Wyze failed to update device list errors

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