How to get a Rank in CS2?

Ranks in CS2 are a separate and rather complex system. At the moment, the game has 18 ranks and as many as six levels for them. In addition, a CS rating was recently added to the game. Of course, all these rating systems, titles, and ranks were added by the developers for the sake of variety. They also attract additional interest from players. However, there is so much variety that players can sometimes get confused. This article, written by k1nd3r, is dedicated to obtaining ranks in CS2. You can also learn more about game settings and G2 or Complexity CS2 teams’ performance on the Profiler website. What ranks are there in CS2? Image: Profilerr In the updates, Valve has worked on game modes. Thus, standard matchmaking took second place. Fortunately, titles are still listed in CS, but there is a minus: now players cannot boast of them. The title is not visible in the game profile. Instead, now each map has a certain rank, and, taking into account this rank, allies with approximately the same rank will be selected for the map. The system remained virtually unchanged. Even the ranks themselves in CS2 are the same as they were in the original Counter Strike. So, the game has exactly 18 titles that every gamer can achieve: Silver I Silver II Silver III Silver IV Silver Elite Silver Elite Master Gold Nova I Gold Nova II Gold Nova III Gold Nova Master Master Guardian I Master Guardian II Master Guardian Elite…How to get a Rank in CS2?

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