How to get free Xbox Live in 3 simple steps

Have you been looking for a free subscription to Xbox Live? Well, get in line. There are a few ways to get a subscription, but honestly, most of them are scams. If you are redirected to another webpage or asked for personal information, you may about to fall for a scam. It’s also worth noting that the new name for Xbox Live is Xbox Game Pass Core, which changes the perks slightly but still enables multiplayer gaming on Xbox consoles. And in 2021, Microsoft removed the requirement to have a subscription to play free-to-play online multiplayer games. That includes titles like Warframe, Destiny 2, and Rocket League. So, you might not actually need an Xbox Game Pass Core subscription, depending on the games you play. You can also get access to LFG and party chat without needing to pay. To save your Xbox account from sketchy sites, here are the only ways to get Xbox Game Pass Core for free. There are a few safe ways to get Xbox Live for free Xbox Game Pass Core | Xbox Xbox Game Pass Core is the new name for Live Gold, enabling multiplayer gaming on the Xbox family of gaming consoles and a catalog of 25 high-quality games you can play. You’ll also get deep discounts on selected titles in the Microsoft Store. What We Like: Access a library of 25 high-quality games as part of your subscriptionDeep discounts of up to 50% on titles in the Microsoft StoreFree Play Days to…How to get free Xbox Live in 3 simple steps

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