How To Introduce Someone Via Email – Stop Overcomplicating Intros

For reasons I cannot understand, some people overcomplicate sending introductions. Sending intros is fairly simple; assuming you know both parties, you can sum it up in a Tweet. Text: Hey, do you mind if I introduce you to [name]? Okay cool.  Email: [name] meet [name]. I thought you two should meet for [reason]. That’s it. You’ve sent an introduction. Personal, professional, whatever, in most cases, that message is sufficient. No one expects anything more from you. Trying to be more involved is generally going to cause headaches for everyone. Just check that an intro is okay, make that introduction, and move on. While I cannot guarantee that the introduced parties benefit from the intro in all cases. I can definitely say that blowing the process into something bigger and more difficult in your head helps no one.  Now for the anxiety-fueled narcissistic FAQ Q: I know someone looking for a wedding photographer, but if I make an intro to my friend, the wedding photographer, and they don’t hire her, won’t my friend hate me? A: If your friend is a wedding photographer? Just make the intro. Service providers know how to sell (or not sell) their service. Your friend will have more reason to be upset if you don’t send the intro than if you do. Q: If I introduce someone to an investor, and they invest, but that investment goes south, won’t the investor hate me? A: Assuming you’re talking about a professional investor and are not selling someone on…How To Introduce Someone Via Email – Stop Overcomplicating Intros

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