How to use Apple’s stolen device protection feature for iPhone

The security of our smartphones is more important than ever. With thieves becoming more tech-savvy, protecting our iPhones from these digital bandits has become a priority for many users. Recognizing this, Apple has introduced a stolen device protection feature in iOS 17.3. This feature is in response to a gaping security vulnerability, first discovered by the Wall Street Journal, that showed methods used by some iPhone thieves to hijack customer accounts, access personal and financial information, and lock users out of their own digital lives. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this new feature and how to enable it on your iPhone. What Is Apple’s Stolen Device Protection Feature? Apple’s Stolen Device Protection is designed to make it harder for thieves to access your iPhone and your personal information. If your iPhone is ever lost or stolen, this feature adds an extra layer of security, particularly when the device is not in a familiar location, like your home or office. Image: KnowTechie It requires Face ID or Touch ID verification for sensitive actions, such as accessing banking information, viewing saved passwords, or changing Apple ID settings. Moreover, if someone tries to modify your Apple ID credentials, the feature triggers a one-hour delay, giving you plenty of time time to act. Why Should You Use It? Apple’s Stolen Device Protection isn’t just about making your iPhone tough to hack. It’s really about keeping your personal info safe in the event your phone gets lost or stolen….How to use Apple’s stolen device protection feature for iPhone

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