iFixit’s Apple Vision Pro teardown reveals the engineering within

Apple’s first mixed-reality headset, Vision Pro, recently went on sale with positive reception from the fans. It is the first new Apple product in years, after all.  However, days after the launch, we are seeing all sorts of experts doing all kinds of experiments with the Apple Vision Pro, including drop-tests, teardown, and more.  Of course, the “OG” experts, the folks at iFixit, won’t miss out on such an opportunity, and they didn’t.  iFixit has conducted its own teardown of the Vision Pro headset, revealing the engineering intricacy that went into developing the Cupertino firm’s first mixed-reality headset and some downsides in terms of repairability. Now we know how Vision Pro’s EyeSight works – courtesy of iFixit Image: iFixit iFixit’s Vision Pro teardown went relatively smoothly, with bits of issues here and there.  The first hurdle of the teardown was removing the outer glass panel without damaging it, and the iFixit achieved it quite smoothly. However, they couldn’t save the protective plastic film. It got peeled off. After that, iFixit went deeper into the Vision Pro. iFixit also reveals the workings behind Apple’s EyeSight – a feature that has been criticized a lot, and thanks to the teardown, we know how it works.  It seems Apple used a combination of lenticular layers to achieve it. According to iFixit,  It turns out that when the EyeSight displays your eyes, it isn’t just displaying a single video feed of your eyes; it’s showing a bunch of videos of your eyes. Exploring inside…iFixit’s Apple Vision Pro teardown reveals the engineering within

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