In Leaked Audio, Microsoft Cherry-Picked Examples to Make Its AI Seem Functional

Pick and Choose Microsoft “cherry-picked” examples of its generative AI’s output after it would frequently “hallucinate” incorrect responses, Business Insider reports. The scoop comes from leaked audio of an internal presentation on an early version of Microsoft’s Security Copilot, a ChatGPT-like AI tool designed to help cybersecurity professionals. According to BI, the audio contains a Microsoft researcher discussing the results of “threat hunter” tests in which the AI analyzed a Windows security log for possible malicious activity. “We had to cherry-pick a little bit to get an example that looked good because it would stray and because it’s a stochastic model, it would give us different answers when we asked it the same questions,” said Lloyd Greenwald, a Microsoft Security Partner giving the presentation, as quoted by BI. “It wasn’t that easy to get good answers,” he added. Halluci Nation Functioning like a chatbot — you type a query into a chat window, you get an answer in the style of a customer service rep — Security Copilot is largely built on OpenAI’s GPT-4 large language model, which also underpins Microsoft’s other generative AI outings like the Bing Search assistant. According to Greenwald, Microsoft got early access to GPT-4, and these demos were “initial explorations” of the tech’s capabilities. Not unlike the Bing AI, which during the early stages of its release would return responses so insane that it had to be “lobotomized,” the researchers said that Security Copilot frequently “hallucinated” incorrect responses during its early iterations — a problem…In Leaked Audio, Microsoft Cherry-Picked Examples to Make Its AI Seem Functional

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