Internet Fooled by AI-Generated Kendrick Lamar Diss Track

Good Kid, Mad AI A diss track featuring the apparent vocals of rapper Kendrick Lamar made its rounds on social media earlier this week, escalating the beef between him and Aubrey “Drake” Graham. Now a 23-year-old musician who goes by the moniker Sly the Rapper has come forward, alleging he’s behind the viral track, which was titled simply “Freestyle.” And guess what? He says it was AI-generated. That’s impressive, because it fooled plenty of people into believing it was the real thing. “I thought people were going to know that it was AI,” Sly told Complex. “Although it did sound real, it sounded like an old version of Kendrick Lamar.” “The style sounded kind of dated, so I just thought that would be a giveaway, but apparently it wasn’t,” he added. To Pimp a ButterflAI The use of AI in the music industry has sparked a heated debate over copyright, music piracy, and musicians’ rights. The news comes after a song that used AI-generated vocals to imitate Drake and Abel Makkonen “the Weeknd” Tesfaye went viral last year. Incensed by the song’s success, record label Universal Music Group forced Spotify, Apple Music, and other music streamers to take the song down. The latest AI-generated diss track adds plenty of confusion to an already messy beef between Lamar and Drake. On Friday, Drake officially released the studio version of “Push Us,” in which he took aim at Lamar. The latest diss track also highlights just how easy it has become to generate believable-sounding…Internet Fooled by AI-Generated Kendrick Lamar Diss Track

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