Accused of Using AI to Plagiarize Other Websites

We can’t say for certain, but it seems mighty likely that one of the highest-trafficking financial sites in the US is plagiarizing other websites’ content using artificial intelligence. Per a scoop from Semafor’s Maxwell Tani, has in recent months published multiple pieces that are very similar in language and content to articles posted just hours before on other websites. In one early November example, the website owned by the Israel-based tech buyout firm Joffre Capital published a short item about a rise in a crypto token price that used comparable vernacular and identical statistics to one that had been posted less than an hour and a half before on the CryptoNewsLand blog. The lead to the piece: “The cryptocurrency XRP has witnessed a significant resurgence in recent weeks, as marked by a boost in its price and trading volume.” Compare that to the one on the crypto blog: “XRP has witnessed a resurgence in both its price and investor activity.” According to a footnote on the piece, the blurb had been “generated with the support of AI and reviewed by an editor.” Tani provides two other instances of’s apparent penchant for AI ripoffs, one of which occurred on November 2, the very same day as the CryptoNewsLand blog debacle. Another example that occurred in October, in which the financial site published an article very similar to reporting from the crypto news site FXStreet, has been taken down. When you search the link to the struck piece, however, Google still provides… Accused of Using AI to Plagiarize Other Websites

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