iPhone 16 could bring a design refresh for the first time in years

Apple launched the iPhone 15 series just over a month ago, and after looking at the new iPhone, it was clear that for another year, Apple has kept the same old design. But it looks like Apple knows the design is getting old, as a new report suggests Apple is exploring multiple design changes for the iPhone 16 series.  While Apple kept the design pretty much the same with the iPhone 15 series, there were slight changes, like the sharp-edged frame and a slight curve. However, it still looks pretty much the same as the iPhone 12, except for the USB-C.  Now, MacRumors suggests that Apple is exploring different designs for the iPhone 16 series. The company could use a different camera and button layout and even add a camera shutter button to the iPhone! The iPhone 16 mockups look sick! Source: MacRumors The report points to details for early pre-production designs for the base iPhone 16. The device is internally referred to as “DeLorean,” the name of the famed car from the Back to the Future film that was turned into a time machine.  In addition, the report has also provided mockups of what the new iPhone 16 could like.  In the mockups, the first iPhone 16 is rendered yellow and features a completely different, never-before-seen camera layout. The enclosure is a combination of the current camera housing, and the one seen on the iPhone X.  Source: MacRumors The device also features a unified volume rocker and an Action…iPhone 16 could bring a design refresh for the first time in years

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